ET 90 Blue Plus / 24Vdc


  • Built in limit switches
  • Automate up to a 2,5m gate leaf per motor
  • Can operate balanced gate leaves of up to 250kg mass
  • Same day installation. No waiting for concrete work to set and cure
  • Unique anti-jamming gate feature in case of a gate running into an obstruction
  • On-board dual channel multi-function receiver. Uses the enhanced ET BLU MIX © rolling code format
  • Programmable pedestrian opening feature with independent auto-close time
  • Intelligent battery charger and true battery back-up
  • Electronically protected, automatic resetting 12V auxiliary output with overload LED indication
  • Simple programming routines based on the popular ET500 programming
  • Simple audible limit switch setup and gate motor direction setup mode
  • Selectable safety beam input. Either N/O or N/C.
  • Selectable free exit loop detector mode
  • Selectable strike lock or electro-magnetic lock mode
  • Enhanced load safety sensing system that allows for whipping caused by gate flexing
  • Multiple obstructions lock-out protection
  • Soft start
  • Holiday lock-out via transmitter
  • Party mode/Auto-close override via transmitter
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